Detailed Book Outline


Here’s a “Sneak Peek” Into Some of The Powerful Tips, Strategies And Eye Opening Facts You Will Discover…

  • The sure-fire secret to super charging your Self Discipline and Will Power. Learn tried and proven techniques to enable you to do the things you know you should!
  • The 25 little known benefits of will power and self discipline that most people overlook.
  • 21 simple ways to build up your resilience, self discipline and mental toughness quickly and easily.
  • Revealed: The deadly mistake that you make when you use will power to achieve your goals.
  • Learn about the Importance of personal integrity and discover how you can use it to ensure you always keep the promises you make yourself no matter what life throws in your way.
  • The single most important exercise you can do to ensure that you follow through on the promises you make to yourself.
  • How to create and use a life changing ‘goal setting journal’ to help control your goal setting plan. Also discover the 18 crucial things I strongly recommend you include in your journal.
  • Discover and release your true creative genius using a single piece of paper. My proven 10 step formula allows you to do this for any goal. You will never write a to-do list again after learning these tactics!
  • A huge mistake people make when they review and think about the past. Learn why the past means absolutely nothing when determining what you do in the future and how you can start today with a ‘clean slate’, free from regrets or limiting thoughts.
  • How to quickly and easily measure and assess your true potential. By the way….It is way more than you think.
  • The little known “30 second exercise” you can do which will shock you into “squeezing” as much as you can out of life…Warning! This is scary stuff!
  • How to acquire the feeling of success, not just at the point of achievement but along the entire journey towards your goal. The vast majority of people don’t know how to do this and therefore they only achieve a relatively small duration of enjoyment before they feel the need to seek another goal…and another.
  • A detailed explanation of goals and goal setting and why it is IMPERATIVE you perfect this ‘master skill’…..your life, future and happiness depend on it!

The 17 Goal Setting Benefits
That Most People Overlook…

  • …and why you must start a goal setting program IMMEDIATELY!
  • How to avoid the 21 reasons why most people fail when setting goals. If you aren’t aware of these, you are destined to fail, time and time again no matter how much you try.
  • The 22 reasons why people don’t set goals and how you can use this little known information to prevent yourself from procrastinating or quitting on your goals EVER again.
  • 20 tips you can use immediately to dramatically SUPERCHARGE your energy levels.
  • Revealed: The 14 overlooked benefits of a healthy diet. You need to know these…as do your family.
  • How to create and use a food diary correctly to ensure you monitor and control what you eat and drink each day. This will literally transform your eating habits…if you stick to the guidelines given
  • The 12 things that a correctly structured food diary will show you. You’ll be stunned when you begin to see the results!
  • 35 powerful and proven tips and strategies you can use to improve your diet habits virtually overnight.
  • The little known secret of why it is important to check the color of your food before eating it. This is nature’s way of telling you what you should be eating!
  • The one specific thing you can do to ensure that your body uses less energy in digesting your food. This is energy that you can use for other things meaning that you will be able to get more done!
  • Learn how you can use a little known exercise secret to give you MORE energy, even after a workout!
  • The 23 often overlooked benefits of exercise. After reading these you won’t be able to stop yourself from wanting to workout!
  • 30 easy to follow action points that will help put your exercise routine on autopilot. Never again will you have to endure the ‘mental tug of war’ to decide whether or not to go to the gym
  • Revealed: The 20 benefits to getting a good nights sleep. You will want to grab your pillow and dive straight into bed once you read these!
  • The 12 critical steps to getting the perfect nights sleep. If you follow this process you will sleep like a baby all night and awake refreshed and ready for action the next morning

How To Completely Drain Any Stress From Your Body in Less Than 2 Minutes…

  • …leaving you ready to drift into a peaceful nights sleep. You simply can’t afford to not do this each and every night.
  • How to find out exactly how much sleep your body actually needs. Never again will you have to think about whether or not you are getting enough sleep.
  • How to use a seldom talked about technique which allows you to sleep for just 20 minutes but yet feel that you have slept for 4 hours! I also give you the name of 20 famous people who have used this technique; You won’t believe the names on this list!
  • Why some people actually “shoot themselves in the foot” by sleeping at certain times. Discover why certain types of sleep can actually leave you more tired than when you went to bed and how you can avoid this happening to you!
  • Why you are probably breathing incorrectly and how this is having a huge negative effect on your energy, productivity and mind set. Sounds crazy…but its true, almost 95% of people are breathing the wrong way. However you can discover how to change this in 30 seconds!
  • The 14 amazing physical and mental health benefits to breathing in the correct manner
  • 14 facts you probably don’t know about the human body and correct hydration. The body really is a wonderful thing!
  • The 13 benefits of correct hydration and the 8 crucial steps you must follow to ensure you provide your body the liquids it needs to run at optimal levels. This can have a huge beneficial effect on your performance and productivity.
  • The one specific thing you must do to discover how you really use your time…the results will shock you!

74 Powerful Tips, Strategies And Tactics You Can Use To Effectively Double The Amount Of “Free Time” You Have To Work On Your Goals.

This section condenses the best knowledge available on time management and could easily have been expanded and sold as a course on its own!…… You get it for FREE!

  • The embarrassingly simple time saving tip which will provide the average person with 1095 extra hours each year, the equivalent of 27 working extra weeks!! What goals could you achieve this year if you had an extra 27 working weeks in which to work on them?
  • How to discover the perfect time of the day to work on your goals and why this will enable you to be more productive and efficient. This is different for everyone.
  • Learn the simple method to prioritizing which goal and task you should work on first each day. Do this one thing and you will find that suddenly your day becomes more organized, more productive and more fulfilling
  • How to “hack” into your body’s natural programming to ensure that you become ultra productive. You wont believe how simple yet effective this is! This has personally put my levels of productivity through the roof and is something you will want to share with family and friends! I guarantee they will thank you for it!
  • The psychological reason why most people sabotage their success by aiming for perfection. Learn how to avoid this happening to you.
  • Learn about the only piece of paper that should ever be on your desk. How calm and structured would your average day become if you only had to deal with one piece of paper on your workspace?
  • A simple but proven way you can create an extra 365 hours each year to work on your goals by using just a small bit of will power. What would you spend your extra hour doing each day?
  • Learn the correct way to read a book and ensure that you never have to take it off the bookshelf EVER again! In fact you can read the book once and give it away if you wish!
  • Why you should avoid learning certain new skills, but instead let someone else do it for you! This isn’t being lazy….it’s being clever and is the hallmark of all successful people.

Why You Should Scrap Your Elaborate “To Do Lists” Once And For All…

  • …and instead use a simple but ridiculously effective technique that can be completed in just 30 seconds. This is possibly the most powerful productivity exercise every created and once you see the results it produces, you are guaranteed to want to do it each and every day of the rest of your life!
  • How to easily declutter your physical environment so that you have more space to pursue your goals. I reveal the 9 questions you MUST ask yourself in order to become more organized than at any stage in your life…guaranteed!
  • How to clear your mind of all mental clutter. You will discover the step by step guide to carrying out a “Brain Reboot”. You will no longer have to worry about all the unfinished tasks rebounding around your head! This exercise will leave you feeling like a different person without a care in the world….It is like a spring clean for your brain!
  • Revealed:…why money, background, intelligence, talent, and hard work won’t help you succeed in life. Learn the interesting reason why most self made millionaires started with nothing.
  • Discover why the world most successful people aren’t necessarily the best at what they do…in fact most of them openly admit that they have much more talented friends who aren’t nearly as successful. Find out the reason why!
  • How to develop unshakable belief in your own ability to succeed. Discover instantly how you can have an instant “unfair” advantage over 99.9% of the population.
  • Find out what we can learn from how elephants are trained. A ‘light bulb’ is sure to go off in your head when you realize just how “stupid” you have been up until this point in your life. Don’t worry….its easily fixed.
  • How to identify and destroy your limiting beliefs in 13 easy to follow steps, even if these are deeply engrained beliefs you have held since childhood.
  • The ridiculously easy way to prevent limiting beliefs and thoughts from occurring in the first place. This simple tip will stop negative thoughts dead in their tracks.
  • Discover how your thoughts are dramatically restricting your level of success. Learn how a simple shift in your thinking can create a huge improvement in your results and success in life. This is the main difference between the average person and world class achievers.
  • Learn the 10 disadvantages of thinking like the average person and how you can prevent this.

Discover The Secret To Controlling The “Little Voice In Your Head” FOREVER…

  • …once you master this you will begin to succeed at a much higher level. If you can master your own internal dialogue you can master anything you choose to pursue in life.
  • 18 ways to immediately change your self image and how you perceive yourself. This can allow you to become one of the most confident self assured people imaginable. Your friends will think you are a different person!
  • Learn how you are damaging and limiting your potential for future success every single time you retreat from a challenge or stop doing what is necessary to make progress. This is doing more psychological damage than you think…but there is a solution!
  • The 7 critical steps to overcoming any fear, no matter how big, scary or daunting! Most people overlook at least one of these steps.
  • Discover why ‘conventional wisdom’ is usually always wrong and why you should avoid it like the “plague”. Once you read this section you will understand why you really shouldn’t care what ANYONE thinks.
  • How to stop playing the ‘blame game’ in life. Learn the four simple words you must ask yourself when analyzing your current situation or circumstances. Most people go to their grave without uttering these words and it is the reason why most people give away control of their life to others. Don’t let this happen to you.
  • Discover the easy formula to destroying every excuse imaginable. Learn the one word which will stop any excuse dead in its tracks. Once you learn this, excuses will never again pass your lips.
  • Learn the secret way that successful people deal with risk and regret. Are you doing this?
  • Learn about the amazing failures of 20 world class successful people. Once you read this you will realize that anything is possible for you! Prepared to be amazed by how these “unpromising” people used soul destroying failures and criticism to spur them on to excel in their field.
  • Rediscover the amazing character trait that you must have to overcome failure again and again and again. Here’s a clue….you knew this when you were a baby, but society and bad habits have allowed you to ‘forget’ it. Let me remind you.
  • Check out the one sentence that you will never ever read in any successful persons biography and learn why this is.
  • The 16 ways that successful people perceive failure and how you can copy their winning mentality to create your own life changing success. Once you get an insight into their mind-set you can easily and quickly copy this yourself!

The 9 Stage Process You MUST Go Through When You Fail At Anything…

  • …if you leave any of these steps out you are destined to fail again and again.
  • Why you should learn to love obstacles, rather than trying to avoid them. There is a trick to doing this that you are going to love!!
  • Discover the amazing story of how one person created a best selling book through the power of one eyelid. Once you read this you will have to reassess your views on what is possible for you to achieve in life.
  • Why sometimes it pays huge dividends to go searching for big obstacles.
  • Why obtaining or giving help is probably the worse thing you can do. A simple story about a boy and a butterfly will change your perceptions about obstacles.
  • The easy to follow and implement 13 step formula to overcome any obstacle you may encounter on route to your goals. Armed with this information you can rest easy in the knowledge that you can deal with ANYTHING that comes in your way. This is power!
  • Why you should create a list of your achievements immediately. Review the 22 questions provided to assist you in remembering just how successful you have been in your life. By simply reading through this list you will be able to easily discover 100 things you have excelled at in life!
  • Why you should start searching for all your certificates, trophies, medals and awards immediately and what you should do with them. Not 1 person in 1000 does this.
  • Discover the powerful positive chemical change that occurs in our body whenever we use the emotion of gratitude and then learn how you can activate this reaction at any time of your choosing. Its as easy as flicking a switch.
  • Revealed at last…the 16 real proven benefits to positive thinking. It pays to be positive!

What’s More, You’ll Also Learn The Following:

  • 27 tips you can use immediately to become more positive at any time of the day. You can begin using these today to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Warning! Your friends and family may think you’ve won the lottery!
  • The 2 small words you can use to immediately create a huge shift in your positivity and psyche. This is embarrassingly simple but awesomely effective.
  • The importance of developing and adhering to a “morning success ritual”. Learn the 11 things I strenuously recommend you do each and every morning to begin each day feeling on fire!
  • How to discover what you were really put on this earth to do. Read the 25 questions provided to help you discover your life purpose and answer the age old question….”why am I here?”
  • Find out what Ghandi, JFK and Walt Disney have in common and what they can teach you about how to design and live your life. The answer may surprise you!
  • How to create your “Success Commandments”, which will give you a set of principles or rules to live by. Once you have established these you will find that decision making becomes easier and you will have a much higher level of focus for your most important goals.
  • Learn why quite often famous successful people feel totally miserable, despite their huge successes, and what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you or your family.
  • The amazingly simple but effective exercise you can use to quickly identify and prioritize what is most important to you in your life. Once you know this, everything else in your life will fall effortlessly into place.
  • Learn why psychologists say that 90-95% of our behaviour is controlled by habits and rituals and not by our conscious thinking. Discover how this is not a bad thing and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • How to quickly and easily discover a list of powerful new life changing habits that you can start today.

You’ll Finally Know:

  • The failsafe method to destroying all your negative habits and replacing them with positive empowering habits. Once you learn how to do this you will be able to put your chosen activities on “autopilot.”
  • Why it’s important to ‘Streak’ every now and then….its not what you think!
  • The easy way to uncover and identify the negative habits that are preventing you from fulfilling your true potential. Quite often these are well hidden from view.
  • The simple 10 point plan to strengthen your new habits so that they become second nature. Most people don’t know about this and therefore their old negative habits reappear time and time again.
  • The correct way to monitor your habits on a daily basis and the simple exercise you should complete at the end of each and every day before you go to bed.
  • How to calculate the true price you must pay for achieving your goals. Reading this section could help you save a lot of time, money and energy working on your goals. You may even decide at this stage that pursuing some of your goals is not right for you at the moment.
  • Learn what Arnold Schwarzenegger can teach you about pain and why you should welcome it.
  • Learn how a King uncovered the ‘wisdom of the ages’ in 9 simple words. If you can grasp this concept and direct your actions around it, then you are destined to succeed in whatever area you choose to pursue.
  • Find out what a bamboo plant in Asia can teach us about persistence.
  • Discover why the average office worker is said to be involved in productive work less than 20% of the working day
  • Why most time management “gurus” are completely wrong about multitasking.
  • Discover what Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Madonna and many other successful people all know about the power of focus. Learn how they use it to achieve MIND-BLOWING levels of success.
  • How to improve your focus and ability to focus on one task until completion. No longer will you jump from one task to another. This will change your life overnight!
  • 27 powerful ways you can instantly use to dramatically improve your motivation levels. Even if you can even master a few of these your life will never be the same again!
  • How to accurately define exactly where you currently are in every area of your life. Prepare yourself for a shock!
  • The amazingly simple exercise you must use to check if you have a balanced life or not. This will take you just 60 seconds, but I guarantee that the results will leave you gasping! By the way…This is something you will most definitely want to get your friends and family to do also.
  • Discover in 30 seconds, the areas in your life in which you are spending too much time and energy and the areas that you are neglecting.

Plus, You’ll See:

  • The 5 simple questions you should ask yourself in order to obtain a happier balanced life.
  • How to uncover the “unfair advantage” you have over everyone else on the planet. Most people go to their grave unaware of this.
  • The 13 questions to discover ALL your strengths and talents, including those you may have previously overlooked…. or not even have been aware of in the first place!
  • How to apply your strengths correctly and why your parents and teachers were dead wrong when they told you to improve your weaknesses.
  • Learn why Oprah Winfrey, Michael Schumacher and Mohammad Ali couldn’t care less about their weaknesses!
  • Why you must escape from your comfort zone, or risk your life becoming stagnant and unfulfilling. Let me show you how.
  • How to discover if you are sabotaging your own success and what you can do to identify and prevent this from ever occurring again.

The One Negative Emotion You NEED To Grow And Nurture In Order To Succeed…

  • …most ‘gurus’ never even discuss this! In fact I recommend you do whatever it takes to strengthen this emotion and I share a simple but powerful exercise to help you do this instantly!
  • Discover why most people (including you?) don’t know what they want in life. Let me show you the solution!
  • Learn the amazing secret about how big goals are EASIER to achieve than smaller goals. Quite often they take up no more energy and effort to obtain than a small goal! Crazy…but true!
  • How to visualize your perfect life, right down to the finest details. After you read this section you will know exactly what you want in life. I provide 22 probing questions to help trigger your creativity. After you complete this exercise you will be virtually bouncing with enthusiasm!
  • Learn how to create a vision statement for each of the 8 important life areas. It is only through doing this exercise that you will be in a position to create a list of goals which are important to you….you simply cant afford to skip this!

A Detailed Brainstorming Section Which Will Take You By The Hand And Help You Create Your Personal
Goal List.

  • Use the detailed list of 95 ‘goal triggers’ provided to help you squeeze out every last goal from the darkest corners of your mind. This simple step by step exercise will help you easily uncover at least 100 goals even if you haven’t a clue what your goals are at present!
  • How to ensure that you are not neglecting certain areas of your life when selecting your list of goals. This is imperative to a fulfilled happy life.
  • The 17 point checklist you MUST use in order to identify which goals you should pursue. If you have been failing at achieving your goals then the chances are it’s because you didn’t know about this exercise. Warning! Be prepared to remove some goals from your list!
  • Why you must take a ‘Razor’ to your goals in order to get to your objective quicker…allow me to explain.
  • Learn a valuable lesson from the simple life of a part time fisherman which will help you redefine what goals you should really be pursuing in life.
  • How to correctly define and write your goals down. A wrong step here will undo all your good intentions. I show you the easy to follow 7 step formula that guarantees you do this correctly. Warning! – You can’t afford to skip any of these steps!
  • How to correctly prioritize your goals so you are pursuing what you REALLY want in life. This is a huge time saver as it means you will only be taking action on the most important things to you. This is so simple a child could do it.
  • How you can develop an unstoppable “run through brick walls” desire to achieve your goals. Learn the techniques to enable you to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. This will allow you to “walk the walk” unlike most people who simply “talk the talk”. After reading this section you will be on fire with desire for your goal!
  • Learn the 9 amazing benefits of completing a correctly structured goal setting plan and why you need to do this today.
  • Discover how to create your personal goal plan, which will act as your roadmap to success. Learn the critical items you MUST include in order for it to be effective.
  • 8 simple questions that you must answer when carrying out research for your goal.
  • The 6 benefits to breaking your goals down into smaller more manageable pieces.

Plus, You’ll Learn:

  • How to quickly and easily discover every step you need to take along the route to achieving your goal. This exercise will help you create a detailed plan… even if you are as yet unsure how to get to the goal!
  • How to set deadlines for your goals and tasks so that they motivate you and force you to take consistent daily action. I also show you how to avoid getting caught up in a time wasting phenomenon first discovered by a British Naval historian over 50 years ago.
  • How to properly schedule your goal setting activities into your diary to ensure you are always on target. I also reveal the 4 things that must take priority over your goals when creating your daily plan.
  • The CORRECT way to use rewards in your goal plan to ensure you get the maximum psychological benefit. Check out the 7 occasions you should definitely reward yourself.
  • The simple 3 step process you should use for each of your goals to quickly identify any potential obstacles. This exercise also allows you to then create several solutions to each obstacle. By completing this exercise you will soon realize that you really can overcome anything that comes your way and there is nothing to be afraid of!
  • How to quickly and permanently destroy any negative thoughts you have about your ability to achieve your goal.
  • How to identify and assemble a select group of people who will enable you to achieve your goals in less time and with less cost or effort.
  • How to use a powerful goal setting tactic used by Julius Cesar to ensure you never give in or give up. This takes guts…but the rewards are fantastic.
  • How to monitor and measure your goals correctly to ensure you are making continual progress. I share with you some of the tips and strategies used by large multinational companies, which you can adopt into your goal setting process.

The 12 Quick And Easy Questions You Must Ask Yourself Each And Every Night Before Going To Bed…

  • …these questions will enable you to see instantly if you are on track and will enable you to make changes accordingly.
  • Learn how sometimes a poorly defined plan will outperform a brilliant plan and the key ingredient that makes this occur.
  • What Sir Isaac Newton and physics can teach us about taking action
  • Discover the real reason why Gym staff all over the world work hard in January but can ‘put their feet up’ in February.
  • Learn what a simple children’s bedtime story can teach you about taking consistent action on your goals.
  • Learn what Richard Branson and Donald Trump do when they hear or learn of a good idea and discover the secret to how they seem to achieve 10 times more than their competitors.
  • Why you must avoid the quest for perfection at all costs. The most successful people on the planet don’t seek it and neither should you.
  • Learn how to take the first step towards your goal….even if you aren’t sure what that is!
  • Discover why most of the worlds greatest discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs were achieved by people who didn’t know what they were doing or indeed how they were going to do it. I will reveal the secret.
  • The 22 reasons that people procrastinate and the…

26 Ways You Can Prevent Yourself From Procrastinating EVER Again.

  • How to create a set of powerful rituals which will allow you to run your goal setting tasks on “autopilot”. Learn how to automatically make it hard for you to do the wrong things and easy for you to do the right things.
  • Learn the technique that the Japanese government used after the Second World War to ensure that they constantly improved in whatever area they chose to excel in. You can quickly adopt this easy to follow technique into your goal setting program.
  • The amazing 2500 year old technique you can learn from a Greek Olympian to ensure you wake up each day a better person than the day before.
  • Why you must associate with the “right” people and a set of 26 traits that you can use to help you to instantly identify them.
  • The overlooked secret to how you can learn many years of knowledge in just a few short days.
  • Why you should never, ever be afraid to ask for help or guidance. I reveal the ridiculously simple shortcut that 99% of people will never even think of when learning how to do something.
  • How you can leverage the skills and knowledge of others to help you get what YOU want. Discover how you can quickly assemble an ‘army’ of talented people to help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time and cost that you would have otherwise done on your own.
  • How to authenticate the advice you receive from others. Not all advice is good advice….find out how to know the difference.
  • Discover why “not knowing how to do something” is no excuse.
  • How to quickly become an expert in any field by reading 10 easy to find books. This is the ultimate shortcut and helps you avoid years of learning.

The One Thing In Life That You Should Invest In As Much As Possible, As It Gives The Highest Rate Of Returns…

  • …this is something you aren’t likely to hear about in Wall Street, but yet can leave you extremely wealthy.
  • Learn how to become an expert in almost any subject….whilst driving your car!
  • Discover what a “goal buddy” is and the 8 benefits to getting one immediately.
  • The 6 point checklist you should use to help you choose the perfect ‘goal buddy’ and the correct way to set up this relationship to ensure maximum success for both of you.
  • Learn why the world’s best achievers still feel the need to use a coach, and why quite often they are more than happy to be coached by someone who doesn’t have their level of skills.
  • The 10 benefits of having your own coach and what you need to know BEFORE you start looking for one.
  • Why you should begin looking for a mentor in various areas of your life and the 12 things they can instantly help you with.
  • Discover where to find the perfect mentor and the 11 key questions you must ask them….. before you even consider working with them.
  • The biggest secret you need to know about getting a world class mentor. This is the key to getting world class high achievers to agree to become your mentor… it’s so simplistic yet virtually no one does it.
  • The 13 things you need to do in order to ensure that your chosen mentor remains your mentor for as long as you wish. If you follow this formula they will remain forever under your spell!
  • Learn about the only true ”success shortcut” which allows you to easily and quickly duplicate what successful people have achieved…. without the heartache and obstacles they had to endure.
  • How to start your very own mastermind group. I give you the instructions and format to do this immediately. You will learn the correct method for selecting members, as well as step by step easy to follow instructions on how to successfully run a successful mastermind group.
  • How to use the awesome power of your sub conscious to help you achieve your goals, overcome problems and create solutions….all whilst you sleep.
  • What Muhammad Ali knew about the power of affirmations.

How You Can Use The Awesome Power Of Affirmations To Effectively Brainwash Your Way To Success.

  • Discover the 6 simple easy to follow steps you must use to create the perfect affirmation.
  • The 7 guidelines that you should adhere to when using affirmations in order to obtain the maximum benefit possible. Most people don’t know this.
  • Discover what sports stars and psychologists have learned about the power of visualization and how 1 hour of intense visualization is worth 7 hours of physical activity!
  • Learn the 8 steps to helping visualization turn your dreams into reality. You can follow this same process for any goal… no matter what size.
  • Find out what Bruce Lee discovered about the power of visualization and the law of attraction. It changed his life overnight…
  • Discover how your thoughts actually act like a magnet to attract what you think about into your life. This isn’t “mumbo jumbo” either….philosophers, metaphysicians and quantum physicists have preached this for years!
  • The simple 9 step formula you should follow in order to use the law of attraction to your advantage.
  • Why you should run to the store immediately and buy a pin board. Learn how using this simple item will activate a portion of your brain to make your goals materialize right before your eyes.
  • Learn about the piece of paper that Jim Carey kept in his wallet as a struggling actor and enabled him to obtain $10 million dollars….all through the power of attraction.
  • Uncover the fiendishly simple 5 step formula used by psychologists to trick your sub conscious mind into giving you the correct answer to any question. Best of all I have adapted this technique to allow you to do this…whilst you sleep!

As you can see, you are getting a phenomenal amount of content, unlike anything else you may have seen before.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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  • Immediate online access to an additional 100+ Page Workbook. This includes numerous PDF worksheets for each modules in the course to lead you gradually through each step of the process.
  • Unlimited Email Access to us to answer any questions you have. If at any time you feel confused or have any questions, you can have them privately answered. You will always feel that someone is there for you and able to keep you on track.

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